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... and the Oscar goes to "Flordia Cracker" 4 of 6 on the 6th A Deadly Game of Chicken
4 of 6 on the 6th
Price: $95.00
Following the Oscar into the clouds,
Foster scores additional hits. As he
and Lt. Freeman roll out of the cloud
base, on each side of the mountain,
they observe the Oscar going down,
engulfed in flames and watch as the
Oscar slams into the jungle.
Flying F6F Hellcats Ensign
Bill Hardy and his wingman
are Flying RAPCAP over a
Radar Picket ship north
of Okinawa.
The print captures  Darrell’s
2nd victory, another Me-109. 
On April 5th he will down three
Ju-52s to make ace, and and
ends WWII with 5 victories
A Shot of Old Crow “Solid Citizen” to the Rescue Crazy MiG
A Shot of Old Crow
Price: $95.00
Crazy MiG
Price: $95.00
Seeing "Old Crow" in the air
didn't end with WWII. Thousands
of aviation enthusiasts will watch
"Old Crow" and Chuck Yeager's
"Glamorous Glen" take to the air
again and again!
Lt. Fleischer was sent to
New Guinea in June 1943
with the 348th the first
group in the fifth Air Force
to fly the Big Thunderbolt.
Checking his six browning
50 caliber fuselage mounted
machine guns, Clyde spots a
lone Russian MiG-15 diving
to the attack from the side.
Dean's Tight Spot Down on the Deck First Victory of the "Screamin' Kid"
Dean's Tight Spot
Price: $95.00
Down on the Deck
Price: $95.00
120 miles north of Okinawa
and west of Kikai Shima.
1st Lt.. Dean finds himself
in a head-on flight with
a KI.61 Hein (Tony).
The MiG pilot looked
over at Risner and shook
his fist, his oxygen mask
was torn off when the
canopy was shot away.
“Screamin’ Kid.” got two
more that day claiming
two Tony’s destroyed
To make John an Ace.